Biman Bangladesh Airlines has published a huge circular so far. This circular is huge but not only in terms of its circumference. Its enormity is basically the people who will be taken, considering their qualifications, experience and education. Usually these high level job circulars are of somewhat one-sided type. Suppose, for example, that there is a circular only for those who are suitable for the post of engineer level and for those who have passed only honors or masters. On the other hand, when it comes to appointing lower posts, separate circulars are published for those who can apply without any education or experience.

But I saw this circular where a great notification has been published with a combination of terms starting from the high level to the bottom.

This Circular has the ability to apply for highly educated candidates as well as candidates who have passed 8th class. So no one will be disappointed by this circular. Everybody can try for this job without any hesitation whether they are educated or experienced. Go to biman.gov.bd to know all the rules and regulations of application and also see the complete circular. Stay well. God bless you.